Saturday, July 9, 2016

"Blacks Are In Danger!"

"So DISARM them!” That's apparently what that dismal fool, Obama, is telling us. He's preaching the same tune the “Black Lives Matter” crowd is preaching, that cops are bent on killing as many black men as they can, which is totally FALSE. A lot fewer black men are killed by cops than are killed by OTHER black men. That's what the figures tell us, but the BLM fools don't want us to know that. And the politician's answer to ALL gun violence, even at the hands of the cops, is to DISARM the citizens. Don't they know that will INCREASE the incidence of gun violence and death? Obama is importing hundreds of thousands of Islamic terrorists, who have vowed to KILL us for not converting to their religion, and at the same time, is trying HARD to DISARM us. What his purpose in that is, is unclear. I think he WANTS more gun violence so he can make more laws against guns and tax them at a higher rate. And he doesn't care how many people die for him to accomplish his goals. (Truth About Guns)

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