Sunday, July 3, 2016

"Common Sense" Gun Law

Anti-gun fools like to call their stupid gun laws “common sense gun laws” when they're anything BUT “common sense. Senator John Cronyn's REAL “common sense gun law” was rejected, but is being reintroduced next week. His law was to force the “authorities” to PROVE terrorist activity before putting a name on the terrorist watch list, which would have scotched Obama's effort to use that list as a means to deny Second Amendment gun rights to honest people. Currently, all they have to do is have some bureaucrat DECLARE, in his own opinion, that a person is a terrorist to get his/her name on that list, and therefore be banned the right to own a gun for self defense. That bill would also require a yearly review of the names ON that list to see if the listing is still viable. But that's REAL “common sense,” so naturally, the anti-gun fools want to block it. (Breitbart)

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