Friday, July 29, 2016

Cop Killings Up 76%!

And ambush killings are up 300%! And the criminals are still whining about their kind being killed by cops. Most of the killings they point out, the thugs had guns and were trying their best to kill the cops. But they don't tell you that. Even the ones that were “unarmed” were a distinct danger to the cops. Example, Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO. Michael Brown was a GIANT, and was trying his best to take that cop's gun and kill him when he was killed for his trouble. But then the other thugs started that “hands up, don't shoot!” crap, and the rest of the criminals all over the country “bought it,” and spread it liberally. The “Black Lives Matter” crowd spread it as far and wide as they could, and still are. They react violently when anybody suggests that ALL Lives Matter.” All they're interested in are “black lives.” Meanwhile, black men ambush and kill cops. Some of them while they do such mundane things like fueling up their cars. (UPI)

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