Friday, July 22, 2016

Eight Times Larger

You can tell what a politician is thinking by watching what he DOES, not by listening to what he says. And Obama's actions are telling. He says he doesn't want to take away your guns, while his “gun control team” is EIGHT times larger than his “anti-terrorist” team. Which means he is more fearful of law-abiding gun owners than he is about crazy Islamic terrorists who have promised to kill us all and take over our country. And I don't think it is political myopathy. I think it is INTENTIONAL TREASON. He WANTS the Islamic terrorists to win, and set up their “caliphate,” possibly with HIM as the caliph (thus again showing his ignorance). Why the people around him don't see that is a mystery. Maybe they're blinded by political myopathy, I don't know. In any case, they are setting us up to be killed by making us DEFENSELESS against the Islamic terrorists, while REFUSING to effectively fight them. (Truth and Action)

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