Sunday, July 24, 2016

Gun-Hating Politicians

Why do we keep getting them? Why ARE they gun-haters? Why are so many politicians (mostly Democrats) afraid of ordinary citizens, who OBEY their laws, having the right (that is guaranteed them by the Constitution) to carry a gun to defend themselves against the CRIMINALS who get their guns ILLEGALLY and do all the “gun violence? Why do those politicians hate gun ownership for the “common man” so much? Honest, law-abiding gun owners do not, as a rule, commit crimes with their guns. What makes them think they can violate the Constitution and get away with it? They go out and make unconstitutional laws against guns they KNOW are unconstitutional, and enforce them UNTIL somebody coughs up enough money to get their evil laws into the Supreme Court, to be reversed, after much damage has already been done. Are they AFRAID of us? Somebody once said, “when the government fears US, we have freedom,” or some such. It seems so, to me. We need to stop electing candidates with an anti-gun history, completely, no matter how much we might approve of their other actions. (Just common sense)

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