Saturday, July 16, 2016

"Truck Control"

We need new laws to keep trucks out of the hands of Islamic terrorists, and other criminals! The massacre in Nice, France, didn't involve much use of guns, except for the cops killing the truck driver who killed 84 (so far) people by “mowing them down” like wheat with a truck. So, going along with the current thinking, we need to keep trucks out of the hands of “bad guys.” It's all the truck's fault, just as all the other mass killings are the gun's fault, not the fault of the fool who used it to kill people. We need to specify places where trucks cannot go, register truck buyers so we will know who owns trucks, and a truck ignition lock beyond the usual ignition key. We need a way to delay would-be truck drivers so they can't just get in and drive over people. We need a “safe storage” law for trucks, so nobody will be able to accidentally drive one over a bunch of people. That's the same “reasoning” that's behind all the anti-gun laws now in existence, or being made. (GRA America)

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