Thursday, July 7, 2016

Envying Incompetence

The mayor of Louisville, KY is dissatisfied with the gun laws that are prevalent in his “neck of the woods.” He wishes they had laws more like those in Chicago. If that doesn't illustrate INCOMPETENCE, I don't know what would. Yes, Chicago has some of the toughest gun laws in the nation. So tough, in fact, that some have been declared unconstitutional. Yet, at the same time, Chicago has some of the WORST gun violence statistics in the nation, and that doesn't tell this mayor they aren't working? Yet he wishes they had similar (non-working) gun laws in his city. That's incompetence! Chicago's gun death rate has risen right along with the “toughness” of their anti-gun laws, but people like this mayor wishes they had similar laws in their city? What kind of a FOOL is he? Anybody with a modicum of intelligence (which apparently doesn't include this mayor OR other anti-gun fools) realizes that ALL their anti-gun laws not only do NOT reduce gun violence, but instead, INCREASE it. The number of homicides in Chicago EXCEEDS that of Los Angeles and New York City, COMBINED. There have been 2, 026 gunshot victims SO FAR in 2016 alone! If this mayor, who is a Democrat, thinks such laws are a SOLUTION to crime problems, he should contact me about that bridge in Brooklyn that I have for sale. (Breitbart)

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