Monday, July 25, 2016

Let's Do It again

One of the most popular articles I wrote a few years ago covered the idea of making effective weapons of ANYTHING close at hand. This 86-year-old woman, when accosted by a younger woman in a grocery store, who obviously knew she had just taken her pension check out of the bank, grabbed the nearest....uh, pack of BACON and started hitting her with it. She kept hitting her until she wisely “ran for the hills” and was not seen, nor heard from, again. This is an excellent example of my contention that, in the absence of legally-owned guns for people like this woman, you can use ANYTHING that has enough weight, to defend yourself in most attacks. If the robber has a gun, all bets are off, unless you have some skill in disarming an attacker. But guns aren't always used, and if he has anything else, grab the nearest heavy ash tray and brain him with it Or a heavy lamp. Or a book. You can obtain some half-inch ball bearings in a sporting goods store and throw them like rocks. Come to think of it, there are many ROCKS usually close by you can pick up and hold in reserve. You can KILL with a rock if you throw it hard enough, and have good aim. Practice with a head-sized target.. If you're in a grocery store and are carrying a plastic bag full of groceries, hit him with THAT. and keep hitting him until he runs away or is unconscious. You can use a ball-point (or any other kind) pen to put out his eye. If he's trying to rob you, he's got it coming. Look around you. There are probably MANY good weapons within reach, right now, if you just LOOK at them properly. (Liftable)

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