Monday, July 4, 2016

"Two In the Chest"

And call me in the morning (if you can). That's the prescription this fool got filled at this pharmacy. He tried to rob a pharmacy in Waynesboro, PA and a pharmacy employee gave him two bullets instead of medicine, or money. A legally armed employee who was there when the gunman started demanding money and drugs, grabbed his own gun and put four in the robber. The robber was only critically injured. Too bad. If the guy had been a better shot, there'd be one less robber out there. As it is, he'll be able to rob again after he gets out of prison. This pharmacy had previously been the target of holdup men, and employees decided to do something to get ready for the next one. This situation probably won't make the media outside of the locals, because it doesn't advance their agenda to disarm Americans. This proves again, my contention that armed citizens holdup men don't know are there can make ALL the difference. (Concealed Nation)

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