Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Ban Umbrellas!

Two million people die in accidents involving umbrellas. Only 365K in gun incidents. Using the logic displayed by the anti-gun fools, we need to BAN UMBRELLAS! Whenever a gun is involved in violence, they immediately start screaming about “getting rid of guns,” ignoring the fact that a gun, without a HUMAN aiming and firing it, doesn't usually harm ANYBODY. Often, umbrellas don't need a human being to kill. Another killer instrument is the automobile. There are so many people killed by automobiles, it's a wonder to me they haven't banned them a long time ago. It's the same with knives. Whenever some guy who wants to kill somebody can't get a gun, he uses a knife. Why haven't they been banned? I'm aware you know this is a parody. But the anti-gun fools don't. They think I'm dumb enough to be serious. THEY are the biggest parody out there, with all their fool notions, like “no-gun zones,” “gun locks,” “safe storage of guns,” allowing concealed carry, but only with UNLOADED guns (one of the single STUPIDEST measures I've ever heard of). (Fox News

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