Sunday, July 17, 2016

The War Against Cops

It's a wonder any cop goes out on the streets wearing his obvious uniform with a convenient “target” on his chest, driving their distinctive cars that are well marked, and offer no protection from insane criminals, who think they should not exist, so they can commit their crimes unobstructed. People are mad in Baton rouge, Louisiana, because it looks like cops wrongly killed a man who SUPPOSEDLY had a gun. Which may be true, but is an isolated incident, and should not bring such a drastic response. So they went out and MURDERED 3 cops (so far), and wounded four more. Which is the SECOND such ambush of cops in ONE WEEK. Obama supports this action. His words confirm it, although he vehemently denies it in the face of sure evidence it is true. The blood of these cops is on his hands. Cops will now be “on edge,” and quick to shoot. Something their detractors claim they were doing before, but they weren't. Watch for the anti-gun fools to “make hay” with this, as they always do, assuming these fools got their guns legally. Any such event involving guns, they will use. (News 9)

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