Thursday, July 21, 2016

"Rebranding" Gun Control

Gabby Giffords and her husband, the loudest anti-gun fools in the country (outside of Sen. Feinstein and “MOMS”), are dissatisfied with the “gun control” effort. So they're going to rename it. They call that “rebranding” it. This is what politicians do when they find their plans being stiffly opposed. They just rename it so for a time, they can “travel under our radar.” They're frustrated that so many “gun control measures” have been defeated handily in the Congress. They just don't understand WHY there is such stiff opposition. That a MAJORITY of the citizens of this country VALUE their right to be armed for self-defense, and they will not give up that constitutional right easily. Barack Obama, their best-known “partner” in their efforts to take away our right to self-defense has SAID that he is “disappointed that America has so often rejected his gun control efforts.” He too, just can't seem to understand that his efforts to take away our guns is “not who we are.” And we will “go down to the wire” to defeat all efforts. (Politico)

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