Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Get Over Herself

Pop Singer Kesha (whom I never heard of until I read this) says, “We'll decide who gets f-cking guns!” Get over yourself, Kesha. You, or your liberal friends, don't get to make ANY such decisions! The Constitution took that decision away from you, and other anti-gun fools long ago. What makes liberals think they get to say who can own guns generally is beyond me. I guess they're just deluded. They still think the Constitution is “outdated.” In that, they ARE deluded. Actually, they want to get rid of the Constitution, altogether. But they can't do that without a bloody revolution, during which they will be the first to die. I get really tired of fools like Kesha thinking they can “rule the roost” in spite of the “Founding /document” that DICTATES what ALL our laws can be. Americans voted that document in, and there's nothing she can legally do about it, no matter how big and ugly her mouth is. (Breitbart)

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