Sunday, July 10, 2016

"Gun-Free Zones" Again

The Maryland mall which a shooter entered (with a gun) and murdered two people and himself, after shooting and wounding several people, was a “gun-free zone.” How many people must die before ignorant politicians discard the “gun-free zone” as an INVITATION to people who want to shoot up the place? In only ONE case in memory (Indianapolis) did a would-be shooter try to shoot up a place where there WERE other guns in the hands of people willing and able to use them in self-defense, and that guy only got off one shot before he was made to resemble Swiss cheese by everybody in the gun store he was trying to shoot up, including the clerk he shot. We keep telling and telling these FOOLS who make their stupid laws that they don’t work, but it bounces off their heads like a rubber ball against concrete. They’re “tone-deaf” to reason and logic. (Bearing Arms)

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