Thursday, July 14, 2016

Reducing Violent Crime

Did you know that 76% of police chiefs admit armed citizens reduce violent crime? There are more intelligent police chiefs than there are political hacks in that job. They KNOW they can't be everywhere at once, and it takes from minutes to HOURS (in some places) for them to get there with their guns. A criminal, armed ILLEGALLY with a gun, can do a lot of damage in the few minutes it takes them to arrive. They usually get there just in time to clean up the scene, dispose of the body or bodies, and document it. Which doesn't help the victims very much. The cops are a necessary ingredient to our safety, but not usually in instant response. They can usually apprehend the “bad guy” AFTER the crime has been committed, and prevent (maybe) some repeat crimes. But without them, we would be lost, unless all of us want to live in an “armed camp” and be ready to “repel all comers” ourselves. You can be sure that if there were no cops, that is how we'd have to live. (Media Research)

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