Monday, July 18, 2016

Violence Creeping Closer

Liberals just don't understand Americans wanting to be able to defend themselves against the known violence that is creeping closer. Criminals are growing more cocky and violent as the “killing cops” movement grows larger. Add to that, the fact that Obama is importing hundreds of thousands of Islamic terrorists who have pledged to KILL us if we don't “knuckle under” and convert to their phony “religion.” Plus he is releasing as many violent felons as he can, on specious grounds, and they KNOW that gun violence is going to increase, and they want to be ready to “ward it off.” The “Black Lives Matter” fools think ONLY black lives matter. Liberals are okay with killing innocent cops, just because they're wearing that uniform with a badge (target) on their chests. Obama hopes all this will create enough new violence that he'll get to make more laws and regulations to hamstring legal gun carriers so his minions will not meet as many guns when they come to take what's ours. And the “usefu idiots” who are “anti-gun” play right into his hands. (Alaska Dispatch News)

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