Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Ignoring Facts, As Usual

The anti-gun fools don't tell you that while Dallas has open-carry laws, they also have very low, and falling crime rates. They never tall us that. In fact, they DENY the fact that where citizens are allowed guns for self defense, crime rates “drop like stones.” They keep talking about people shooting one another over trifles. Something that does NOT happen as a result of carry laws. It happens NOW with UNLICENSED gun carriers. They're deathly afraid of the average citizen having the right to carry guns for self defense while most of those who make the laws against it hire other people to carry their guns for them. They just don't understand the disconnect there is in that. They maintain their right to be defended, but want to remove ours. Meanwhile, places like Chicago, which has some or the tightest gun laws in the nation, also have some of the highest gun crime rates. But they don't notice this. They're wired NOT to. (Town Hall)

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