Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Nobody Showed Up

They called an anti-gun demonstration and nobody showed up. Okay. I'm wrong, FOUR people showed up. A “clear majority” of people who hate guns, of course (hee, hee). It's the same with “Moms Against guns(or something like that)”. They can't seem to get nearly as many people to their demonstrations as they used to. Poor babies! Moms called for a “massive showing” and reserved a large space for all the people they expected. They even told people they'd have to register in advance for a planned showing of Katie Couric's selectively edited anti-gun “documentary” due to “lack of space.” Then ONE PERSON showed up, and that one was an “anti-Trumper.” It must be supremely frustrating for Shannon Watts, “leader” of “Moms.” That she can't get people to demonstrate for her silly ideas. The local paper (The Courier-Journal) even gave her space for free advertising, in the form of a timely op-ed, and even wrote supporting articles, themselves. It didn't work. That's what happens when you're working against the will of the people. (KAKE/CBS)

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