Monday, December 1, 2014

Gun Buys "Test" System

According to the FBI, guns are being sold so fast, they can’t keep up with registering them. The NICS is getting at least TWO requests for background checks a SECOND (I read somewhere it was THREE a second), and consequently, many gun purchases are “slipping through” the system, due to the “rush.” They think this is bad. They think things like this can STOP “gun violence.” When are they going to get it through their thick skulls that gun registration only gives them a way to trace ownership of a gun AFTER somebody has committed a crime using it? But then, that’s all they have. They can’t just BAN guns. So they make it as hard as possible to buy one and own it. One of the biggest problems they have is the STATES “falling down on the job” of updating records of insanity and other reasons for not allowing the purchase. They only send the information voluntarily, and often do not keep up. Researcher Valerie Sargo said, “It makes you feel good when this person is not supposed to have a handgun and you can keep it out of his hands.”  Yeah, right. So he goes into a back alley somewhere and buys it out of the car trunk of another criminal—and then he has a gun nobody knows about—except his intended victim, who is unarmed because of short-sighted laws. (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)

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