Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Criminals' Big Mistake

Criminals are making a BIG mistake by “declaring war” on all cops. Yes, we know, most of those criminals have guns, and are willing to use them to kill as many cops as possible. And cops have to wear uniforms, with those shiny badges pinned right over their hearts. They’re “sitting ducks” for criminals bent on killing them. But so are the criminals. They don’t THINK a cop can spot them from a block away as an armed criminal, but they can. And now, with their heightened attention caused by the “war” declared upon them, they will now shoot quicker, and go in with guns drawn where before they would remain in their holsters. More criminals will die, just by REACHING for their illegally carried guns. Some without guns will die, too. Just because the cop THINKS he is armed. They have created a “self-fulfilling prophecy” that cops are too quick with their guns by threatening to kill them out of hand, and soon they WILL be quicker to shoot and kill them. Instead of REDUCING the chances of being killed by a quick-shooting cop, they have INCREASED the chances. Good luck, guys! (Just common sense)

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