Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Took Six Days

It took six days for the left to find a way to blame the NRA for the assassination of two cops in New York, completely ignoring all the “kill cops” rhetoric other leftists have been spreading like manure on a fallow field. They SAY firearm violence is way up because the NRA “wants every man to have a machine gun,” What a WHOPPER that is! Gun violence is way DOWN due to the NRA’s forcing more guns to be in the hands of HONEST people to oppose all the guns ILLEGALLY in the hands of CRIMINALS. This is the kind of LIE the left usually tells in their efforts to disarm ALL Americans (BUT criminals, who can always get their guns, a fact they ignore). It probably took them six days to find a way to twist the news to suit themselves. And the guy who wrote the article cited here is a college professor. Which shows us the fallacy of spending so much money to send our impressionable kids to their colleges to learn their LIES. (Down Trend)

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