Monday, December 8, 2014

Recognizing Reality

Politicians in some places are smarter than others. We’ve been waiting a long time for OUR politicians to realize that more HONEST PEOPLE with guns can definitely make a difference in violent crime by making criminals “nervous” about the possibility that their intended victims will be armed, and well able to KILL them when they attack them, or just by KILLING them. But they’re not showing any possibility of that. In Israel, however, it’s a different story. After the slaughter of four worshippers and a cop in a synagogue, they further reduced the strength of their laws about concealed carry and licensing to carry a gun. “They need to strengthen the security of their people” as they “fight terrorists,” who seem to have no trouble getting their guns. That sounds like here, but just replace “terrorists” with “armed criminals.” As I’ve said before, one of my favorite pictures is of an Israeli woman standing over a terrorist on the ground, pumping bullets into his brain. I’d like to see more of that here with our violent criminals. You say we don’t have terrorists here? Just wait. Obama is working on it. (Daily Caller)

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