Sunday, November 30, 2014

"Getting Around" the Constitution

Gun grabbers work HARD to “get around” the Constitution on gun control. Most of them know they can’t just make a law to BAN guns altogether, although that’s what they’d LIKE to do. So they make laws to HINDER people in their use and make them useless. Like making people “register” when they buy ammunition, or ban ITS manufacture or ownership “It’s not a gun, huh? Therefore, it’s not covered by the Second Amendment. But if you don’t have ammunition, your gun is a good doorstop, right? Now the Los Angeles Council wants to make an ordinance to force gun owners to DISABLE or “lock up” their guns, which also is not unconstitutional, but has the same effect. We need to “register” or “disable” the politicians who want to do this. Better, let’s just not elect them, in the first place; or DE-elect them if they ARE elected. (LA Times)

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