Friday, December 12, 2014

Fair Bans Guns: Fair Robbed

It’s no surprise, at all (to intelligent people), that when the North Carolina State Fair banned guns, that immediately somebody at the fair would be robbed at gunpoint. I guess the “bad guys” didn’t care abut the judge’s order that no guns should be present on the fairgrounds. Criminals never do. Which WE know, but which the anti-gun fools do NOT. This story notes that the criminals were probably emboldened by knowing the people at the fair would likely not be armed (They’re pretty good at noting the obvious). Frankly, I’d advise fairgoers NOT to attend the fair until this policy is changed, which, with today’s ignorant politicians, it will not be. This policy is in violation of the law, but state officials don’t care. The judge issuing the ruling banning guns from the fairgrounds says, “This area of the law is a quagmire.” But only in the minds of simpletons who can’t understand a simple paragraph like the Second Amendment, which is very plain and short. The right to be armed "shall NOT be infringed." (The Right to Bear)

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