Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Funny Gun Holster

A woman was being booked for driving without a license in Kingsport, TN, when a small North American Arms 5-shot revolver was found—in her vagina. And it was loaded. Any guy getting fresh with her better be very careful. He could get shot. The gun was found to have been stolen in an auto burglary in 2013. They didn’t give the 70-year-old owner details on where it was found, when they informed him of its finding. 19-year-old Dallas Archer was arrested on additional charges of carrying a concealed weapon. While the place it was carried was unusual, it was sufficient for the charges. She had better be very careful in drawing it. That would be a really strange place to get shot. I have to write about many bad things. It’s nice to be able to write about this story for a little levity. (The SmokingGun)

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