Thursday, December 4, 2014

States BAN Gun Laws

States are taking action to bar the feds from enforcing their stupid, irresponsible gun laws. “All across the United States, legislators who believe in the sanctity of Second Amendment rights are rising up, introducing and passing state laws to thwart attempts by the federal government to impose gun control. More than 200 such bills have been introduced in the past ten years, according to an investigation by News21, which reports: A News21 analysis shows 14 such bills were passed by legislators in 11 states, mainly in Western states, along with Kansas, Tennessee and Alaska. Of those, 11 were signed into law, though one was later struck down in court. In Montana, Missouri and Oklahoma, three others were vetoed.” I don’t know if passing local laws to PREVENT the feds from enforcing dumb laws is unprecedented, or not. I DO know it is unusual. But it is the right thing to do when the feds “go wild” and make unconstitutional laws (Second Amendment Insider)

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