Monday, December 22, 2014

Should I Run for President?

The question is not a silly one. I have just about as much chance as any of the ones now lining up to “go for it.” I’m 77, can barely walk, and can barely stay up later than nine of an evening, though I find it hard to stay asleep past 5 AM. I spend my days (and sometimes my nights, in my dreams) seeing how incompetent most of today’s politicians are. I pay enough attention that I know the real answers to most of the world’s problems, as most of those hopefuls don’t. I don’t think a LAW will stop criminals from getting guns. That’s just STUPID, but most of today’s politicians think so, even if some of them (not enough) don’t try and make such laws. I have no wish to kill anybody, though most presidents sometimes must. I DO want to kill ALL Islamic terrorists, not put them in prison and waterboard them. I just want to shoot them, on sight. That’s what they understand. Although I’m not interested in “gaining their understanding.” They have nothing to understand. They just want to kill EVERYBODY who doesn’t believe the way they think they ought to. That’s not going to change. It’s in their “Bible” (The Koran).

That leaves no room for discussion. I would lift ALL “environmental” laws, most of which are STUPID, and hurt our economy. I would lift all impediments to the operation of the coal industry as long as coal is the most important thing in the production of energy. Same for nuclear energy. Yes, there is a POSSIBILITY of a “nuclear disaster.” But there is the possibility of a disaster everywhere you look. And it CAN be, and HAS BEEN, made safe. We have had nuclear reactors in this country for years, and mostly no accidents. The nuclear accidents we have SEEN occurred in other countries, where safeguards are not so strict. I would throw oil production wide open as long as oil is the major source for power. I would NOT hinder it, in any way. That would be hard on the environment, you say? Not nearly as much as environmentalists would have you think. Same applies to global warming (whatever AlGore calls his con today).

Global warming has been proven to be false so many times, in so many ways, you’d have to be really STUPID to believe in it. I find the most damning proof in the fact that the “globe” has NOT been warming for many years; a fact ignored by the scammers, whose ranks include Barark Hussein Obama. Most of all, I would eliminate ALL laws and regulations that would lead us to collectivism (socialism). That is the stupidest part of the thinking of way too many people. There are many things today’s incompetent politicians do that I would NOT do; too many to mention, in fact. But finally, I would run things for the good of AMERICANS, not for myself. But I have NO chance of being elected; so all you people who pay no attention to politics (thinking politics will not pay attention to you) can relax. Rest assured I will not raise and spend millions of dollars to gain a job that only pays a couple of hundred thousand a year. That’s probably the silliest thing about most people who do. And anybody who does is not, in my opinion, smart enough to be qualified. Neither are those who wish to have the job. (Just common sense)

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