Saturday, December 27, 2014

Aussie Letter to Obama

In it, he noted that Obama “admired” the Australian gun laws, effectively BANNING the ownership and carrying of guns. He said the “success of the Australian gun ban” is a MYTH.” Just as Cuba’s having an excellent health care system is also a myth, engendered by lefties to support their “flights of fancy.” He rightly notes that the law “serves only to take guns away from law-abiding citizens while leaving only CRIMINALS in possession of guns, ” since they don’t obey ANY laws. He notes that “There are just as many guns on the streets today and gun violence has not “gone down” a whit—in fact, it has INCREASED. He further notes that today’s “gun laws” achieve little (except to make it easier for criminals to find unarmed victims). He says, “Civilian disarmament is based on the assumption that people are irresponsible (unless they work for the government). He says much more, but you’ll have to read his letter, linked below. (World NetDaily)

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