Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Texas for Open Carry

Texas is moving rapidly toward legalizing the open carry of guns without a license requirement. And in Texas, more than any other state, it’s possible they will get it, with their “Western history.” Yes, other states also have a “Western history,” but none as strong as Texas. For instance, you don’t hear anybody saying, “Don’t mess with Colorado!” Yes, Colorado has a “Western heritage,” but not as strong as Texas, and it DOES still have an anti-gun DEMOCRAT governor, who won in spite of the Republican landslide in 2014. Though his chances in the NEXT election are slim. It’s nothing new to see a Texan with his high-crowned, ten-gallon hat and low-slung gun and holster. They’ve always had a colorful gun history. With the passage of this law, it will continue and increase, and, contrary to the opinion of gun-grabbers, violent crime will go down. They can’t deny such numbers, so they simply ignore them. (Houston Chronicle)

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