Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Well. It Worked In Ferguson

The family of robber Juventino Bermudez Arenas is claiming that he “had his hands up” and was trying to surrender to police at a McMinnville, Oregon 7/11 after he had stabbed a student to death inside. I guess he just didn’t want to die, if it’s true. But I have my serious doubts it IS true. They’re just trying to “muddy the waters” after cops “filled him full of lead.” I don’t have much sympathy for this murderer, or ANY murderer. Families of criminals are FAMOUS for claiming their criminal relatives are just “innocent little guys” who were trying to surrender, as they did in Ferguson, which has proven to be a lie. He DID leave and come back, which family members say shows he wanted to turn himself in. But returning with a knife in his hand and advancing on the officers is NOT indicative of someone who wants to turn himself in. They told him to drop it. He refused. Cops shot him before he could stab any of them. Yes, his hands WERE up. Holding a knife and threatening cops. (Bearing Arms)

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