Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Bad News for Gun Grabbers

They talk incessantly about violent crime and try to convince us it is “out of control.” But the truth is a little different (as usual). “From 2012 to 2013, the nation’s murder rate decreased five percent, to at least a 57-year low. The 2013 rate was down 56 percent from the all-time high recorded in 1980, and down 54 percent since 1991, when total violent crime hit an all-time high.” Hmmm…1980. Wasn’t that when conservatives began running the government? Why is it that when the liberals aren’t running things, things get better, and when liberals are running things, they get worse? In any case, that’s “bad news for gun-grabbers.” More bad news is that this rate may be the lowest in American history. Kinda puts their “take” in question, doesn’t it? They say “gun violence is getting worse. “While Americans acquired between 135-140 million new firearms from the end of 1991 through the end of 2013, the nation’s violent crime rate decreased in 19 of those 22 years.” Does that sound like it’s getting worse? (Daily Caller)

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