Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Facebook Password Argument

The buyers of a bankrupt gun store demanded the password to the former owner’s Facebook account, saying that should be conveyed with the sale of the business. When he refused, they went to the law, and he spent seven hours in jail for contempt of court when he still refused. He said that, “The judge apparently didn’t understand the fine points of social media, since his Facebook account was his INDIVIDUAL PROPERTY, and not part of the business they bought.” I can’t help but agree with him, and I too, would go to jail rather than give ANYBODY my password to ANYTHING. I LOVE the saying he posted on his sign: “I like my guns like Obama likes his voters—undocumented.” That shows the strange kind of sense of humor I like. The judge is looking closely at the account, counting the number of business posts vs. the number of personal posts to determine the ownership of the account (the writers of the article got that all wrong). Frankly, I don’t think this judge has the power to dictate the ownership of the account. In any case, I’d advise this guy to tell his “friends” to “unfriend” him before the judge can make the decision he doesn’t have the right to make, but, like Obama, has just TAKEN.” (2ndAmendment Insider)

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