Monday, December 22, 2014

Will It Show Things Down?

Not a chance! Thugs shooting cops from ambush will only make cops quicker to shoot when they run into somebody they even THINK may have a gun. And believe me, they KNOW. They can tell if you’re “carrying” just by the way you stand, and walk. They can SEE the “imprint” of a gun in your pocket. And no longer will you get the benefit of the doubt. If you make ANY move toward them, They’ll KILL you to keep you from killing THEM. Thugs of this type have no logic. And they don’t OBEY laws. Frankly, I’m afraid to walk around WITHOUT a gun. They don’t even know the MEANING of the word, logic. Liberals (many in elected or appointed office) don’t either. Some deny the EXISTENCE of logic. If this keeps up (and Obama and his thugs will see to it that it does), there is GOING to be a race war. He will keep whipping at it until it begins, then make his laws and regulations to further limit our freedoms and steal the money to finance it from us. There are far too many STUPID PEOPLE he can use for his own purposes. Some because they didn’t bother to gain an education, and others who just don’t pay attention to what their POLITICIANS are doing to them, by “hook or crook.” Others believe the LIES taught them by the criminals who are now college professors. And if you don’t believe Obama is the CHIEF CROOK, I feel sorry for you. I can’t help you. (ABC News)

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