Monday, December 1, 2014

Typical Liberal Reaction

When told that taking guns away from law-abiding citizens that will leave them defenseless against illegal gun-wielding criminals, he said, “That’s a chance worth taking.” Yeah, right. It's "risk worth taking" for HIM, while he makes the decision for others. Apparently one of the top gun-grabbers, Senator Diane Feinstein doesn’t agree, since she carries a gun. “It’s a chance worth taking” for WHOM? Somebody else, of course; liberals make laws for OTHER PEOPLE, not themselves. The writer of a piece in the Tallahassee Democrat says, “If we ban guns, criminals will soon not be able to get their guns.” How STUPID is that? The more we banned liquor during prohibition, the more liquor there was out there. The same will apply to guns. When it becomes illegal, that alone creates an illicit market for it, and criminals JUMP to fill it. Which makes the problem WORSE, not better. This statement shows the complete IGNORANCE of this writer about reality. The idea that a law banning guns will eventually lead to guns disappearing is complete IGNORANCE and it is only due to liberal editors that this writers' drivel got into print. (Breitbart)

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