Wednesday, December 10, 2014

More Proof

You don’t need a gun in a restaurant—until you do. Again, an armed citizen who happened to be there when a criminal “threw down” on the employees of a Red Lobster restaurant (the article doesn’t say where) made all the difference. The armed customer was TRYING to flee the scene, but he was confronted by the robber in the parking lot, who was carrying the cash drawer. The customer pulled his gun and fired a shot, missing the robber, but scaring the hell out of him. He dropped the cash drawer and “ran for the hills.” Further proof that ONE PERSON with his own legal gun can stop a robber in his tracks. But the anti-gun fools continue to LIE and say that never happens, ignoring reality. This is indicative of their honesty—or lack thereof. When will they ever learn? Probably never. Facts mean nothing to them. Only their preconceived notions. Wait a minute! Isn’t Red Lobster one of those outfits that bans guns from their property? Didn’t anybody tell this robber? Good thing they didn’t tell that customer. (All Outdoor)

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