Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Gun Ownership In Medical Files?

Doctors are already asking patients about their ownership of guns—which is a violation of their civil rights. But now they want that information to be an integral part of their medical files. They don’t understand that their patients can tell them to “mind their own dambed business” when they ask. And if the doctor threatens to drop them as patients, so be it. There ARE still lots of doctors out there who don’t ask this question (yet), and if they do, it’s the patient’s right to LIE. Now, in the UK, they want to force doctors to “fink” on their patients if they “think” their gun ownership might be a danger to themselves or anyone else, with the proviso that even if they don’t believe it, they MUST report it if the possibility exists, or be penalized. Just as, in this country, they are FORCED to do the same if there is ANY indication that a child might be being abused—even if they don’t believe it, themselves; or be punished. That’s how the government inserts itself into our private lives. (NRA/ILA)

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