Sunday, December 7, 2014

Seen This In the Media?

Not likely. The myth the media is pushing (at the behest of Obama, who WANTS a ”race war”) is that nobody is prosecuting cops who shoot unarmed black people illegally. This happened in south Carolina, which has had a bad reputation for treatment of blacks in earlier years. The black man in this case was protesting the treatment of his daughter by this cop and, after arguing with the cop, tried to drive off. A scuffle ensued, and the cop shot and killed him. Over a TRAFFIC VIOLATION. The cop has been indicted, but you’ll never hear about it, except in the LOCAL media and in the “alternative media.” Maybe the cop was justified in this case, maybe he wasn’t. But at least, it will be decided in a court of law, with both sides presenting their side. Unlike in Ferguson, MO, where that will not happen. But that doesn’t give the thugs there the right to riot, and steal from local businesspeople. But they’re simply using this situation as an EXCUSE to go wild and steal and destroy things. (Fox News)

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