Friday, December 5, 2014

"Cops Want to Hurt You"

New York Mayor, well known socialist DiBlazio just “threw his cops under the bus” when he told reporters he warned his kids, who are PROTECTED by his cops, to be AFRAID of the cops. After that black guy was accidentally killed by an overzealous white cop (and his buddies) he told them he was requiring his cops to attend THREE DAYS of “conditioning” to get them to “adjust to the thugs” and stop hassling them so much over small things. It doesn’t matter that Giuliani brought the New York crime rate to record lows by STARTING to enforce “small things” to get them used to the fact that the cops would ‘”come down on them HARD” if they got out of line. They got the message and crime went down. He didn’t do it by creating unconstitutional gun laws, he just “gave them a message” that his cops weren’t going to be as “easy” as they had been. (Just common sense)

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