Sunday, December 21, 2014

"Too Vague to Enforce"

Remember I-594? That onerous law in Washington State so many people have refused to obey, in spite of threats to jail them all (which, of course, would be impossible)? Well, it’s “too vague to enforce,” according to Lewis County’s new sheriff, Rob Snaza. ” Lewis County Prosecutor Jonathan Meyer said ‘The Lewis County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office will not make criminals out of the hardworking citizens of Lewis County. Where I-594 attempts to criminalize every-day activities, I, in the exercise of my prosecutorial discretion, will not charge individuals with these types of violations’.” So the attempts by gun-grabbers in Washington State have made a real mess of it. Which is not surprising, since they aren’t too bright, or they’d see these kinds of laws make no difference, except to give criminals an unending supply of unarmed, easy victims.(Gun-Free Zone)

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