Wednesday, December 31, 2014

"Laws for Thee, Not for Me"

That’s the way it is on Chicago where rabidly anti-gun Mayor Rahm Emmanuel doesn’t want ANYBODY to be able to have guns to defend themselves against criminals (except him, of course). He still has a sign up outside his house falsely claiming Secret Service protection, although he no longer has it, since he is no longer on the president’s staff. Like most politicians who have 24 hour armed protection, they want to deny it to everybody else. Just having that protection shows they realize it’s necessary, but they still deny it for the rest of us. Some, like Sen. Diane Feinstein (a noted anti-gun fool) carries her OWN gun. One actress and comedienne I know of who is an ardent anti-gun fool also employs armed guards for her children. I think if you don’t believe others are entitled to have a gun for self-defense, you ought to go without, yourself. But not our politicians and other celebrities. They’re “better than the rest of us.” (Daily Caller)

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