Friday, December 12, 2014

"Voluntarily" Let Them Search

It’s shame, but there is no shortage of potential dictators. Some politicians just want to “shut up” people with whom they disagree. A good example is the Wisconsin police chief who wants people to “voluntarily” have their homes searched for guns. Is it “voluntary” if you do something under threat of being forced if you don’t? Then there are those who want to “deem” 270 some gun owners in one state “mentally deficient” and “confiscate” (steal) their guns. This would be unlawful, but they don’t care. They’re “in power” and will extend the limits of that power until (or unless) stopped. Frankly, if a cop showed up at my door demanding for me to “voluntarily” let him search my house for guns, I’d tell him to “voluntarily” go to hell and slam the door ON his face. Until the LAW says he can, he doesn’t get to EVER search property of which I am in control. Even if they WERE allowed to search my property, if they found any guns that are legal, they’re not legally allowed to touch them. (Last Resistance)

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