Saturday, December 27, 2014

"Gun-Free" Restaurant Robbed, Again

“Jack-In-The-Box” restaurants have put their stores “off limits” to gun carriers, thus inviting gun-toting crooks, who obey NO laws, and CERTAINLY no “requests” or “policies” of private businesses. They have become an “easy target” for armed robbers, and the crooks have been quick to take advantage of it. As in ALL “gun-free zones,” they now KNOW there’s scant chance honest people will be carrying a gun there, which makes it easier for them to rob them. Why these people can’t see that, and STOP designating “gun-free zones,” I don’t know. Maybe they’re just not too bright. You can’t get through the thick skulls of the gun grabbers on this so they must be “intelligence impaired.” Which is otherwise called, “stupid.” (World NetDaily)

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