Saturday, December 6, 2014

Making Guns Available

It’s a “revolutionary concept” in today’s “anti-gun atmosphere,” but the School Board in Logan County, Ohio, has become the second batch of school “authorities” in Ohio to “make guns available” to teachers and staff that can be used in case of a “mass shooter” coming into their school. This is move in the right direction, but TRAINING those people in how to USE those guns is not mentioned. I’d hate to think of a bunch of teachers who don’t know which end of a gun the bullet comes out of flinging bullets in all directions and hitting NOTHING they aim out, and possibly hitting students or other staff. They SAY they’re going to be doing “intensive training,” but what does that mean? Give a politician a choice of two solutions to a problem, and he/she will always choose the one that costs the most money so he can “siphon off” some of it. Simply ALLOWING teachers and staff who are concealed carry permit holders to bring their guns to school would cost them NOTHING, so they go “halfway there,” and claim to be “solving the problem.” (The Right to Bear)

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