Monday, December 29, 2014

Stupid People

I can’t believe there are so many STUPID PEOPLE out there! And some of them are running newspapers! The Second Amendment is our BULWARK against this government making sure we (mostly) don’t have the means to oppose criminals (including the ones wearing badges) who come to steal what’s ours. Now a newspaper in Wisconsin (The Wisconsin Gazette) thinks we should “repeal that stupid Second Amendment.” And they have written an editorial to that effect. At least this author, one William T. Hastings, had the gonads to attach his name to his STUPID article. That’s unusual. They usually don’t. They hide behind anonymity when they make such STUPID thoughts public. I’ve always thought when somebody wanted to illustrate his IGNORANCE, stand by and let him. Which is why I am showing you this article. (Minuteman News)

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