Thursday, December 18, 2014

Australia's Gun Ban

What? Australia has a gun ban? Then how did that Islamic terrorist “lone wolf” who held people hostage and killed some of them get his guns? I thought making LAWS against gun ownership would keep people like that from getting their guns! You mean it doesn’t? People bent on multiple murder don’t CARE about piddling things like laws that say they can’t be armed? Wow! Is REALITY intruding on Australia’s effective gun ban? The former mayor of Sydney is now advising the government to LIFT that “gun ban” and let Australians defend themselves. There’s one politician that is beginning to “see the light.” He understands what Admiral Yamamoto understood when he said the Japanese should not attack the American mainland in WWII because “There would be a gun behind every blade of grass.” He understood the concept of safety being insured by an ARMED POPULACE that today’s politicians in America just don’t understand, to their detriment. (Breitbart)

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