Friday, December 26, 2014

More Than Just Guns

The State of Connecticut imprisoned a weapons collector for having several weapons in his car during a move. Included in that collection was a “dirk” antique weapon and a police baton. He served fifteen months in prison while the case was being adjudicated, and was finally freed when the State Supreme Court determined carrying those knives and that baton was covered under the Second Amendment, as well as guns. So that document assures us of the right to carry more than guns. It specifically mentions “arms,” which includes knives, which many people don’t know. This man’s arrest, and imprisonment was caused by an over-reaching “police state” that apparently exists in the North East. The Second Amendment needs more clarification for those officious bureaucrats who wrongly enforce it, so as not to “put people’s lives on hold” while the courts straighten out their messes. This man’s life is severely affected by their action and the arrest and conviction will remain on his record forever, even if it is bogus. (World NetDaily)

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