Saturday, December 13, 2014

More Race War News

Ferguson, MO, is right now the best place to promote Obama’s wish for a race war. The bosses of the liberal media are working HARD to create division there as a catalyst for racial division everywhere. What they don’t report is a story about four BLACK men who are protecting a gas station owned by a WHITE man. That would negate their agenda. They “ran off” the “Oath Keepers” who were doing the same thing because most of them were white. But black men having guns is okay, because they can build a story on that. The Second Amendment is INTENDED for things like this, but the liberal media is bent on painting a completely different picture. One in which whites hate blacks, blacks hate whites. And “never the twain should meet.” What they want is “riots in the streets” all over America, and they’re beginning to get it (We had a small riot in Denver over this the other day during which four cops were run over by a car). When it gets worse, some people will start insisting the government “do something about it,” and the government will be very willing to do so. They will start making more and more limiting rules, regulations, and LAWS to inhibit private use of guns, and they will get PASSED, unlike before. Can ANYBODY see this who will DO something about it? (The Right to Bear)

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