Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Is It Legal?

The ad posted by a “Hollywood Insider” suggested a child STEAL his parent’s gun and take it to school, both crimes, and give it to his teacher, asking her to cooperate in his crimes by “getting rid of it.” What kind of fool creates such an ad in the first place? Is it legal to make such an ad? Yes. Is it legal to suggest, to impressionable kids to commit at least TWO crimes? No. should this person be prosecuted for HER crime? Yes. There’s no telling how many children will be inspired by this ad to steal a gun from their parents and maybe, by accident, KILL somebody while taking it to school, since “gun-control advocates” have made it almost a crime to TEACH them how to handle a gun. That gun, which was an inanimate object until stolen, was NOW a “danger” when it was NOT, sitting in a drawer at home. Anti-gun nuts are fools, I know. But this takes the cake. (The Blaze)

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