Sunday, December 28, 2014

Needs to Happen More

Two armed thugs knocked on her door and put a gun in her face when she answered. So she put her gun in the stomach of the one holding the gun and “blew him away.” What he didn’t know is that she grabbed her gun before going to the door. Viola! One less thug! The other guy is probably still running. Thugs everywhere should not know if their intended victims might be armed and able to “put them away.” Many crooks, being cowards, would re-examine their “career choice.” But the damned fools making all those useless “gun laws” won’t hear us when we talk about punishing USE of a gun in the commission of a crime, rather than disarm honest people and make them defenseless against armed criminals, who always get their guns, anyway, laws be damned. Maybe more gun grabbers need to be faced with a criminal’s gun. But they’re probably armed, anyway. They just don’t want US to be armed. (Opposing Views)

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