Monday, December 15, 2014

Alaska Has the Right Idea

Alaska is the nearest thing to the frontier we have left in this country. And they certainly have the right idea when they start a class to teach teenage girls how to shoot guns. Maybe it’s the “frontier thinking.” “Teens On Target” is a course that teaches teen girls (why not boys, too?) basic gun safety and armed self-defense. Looks like they know the right way to deal with those “two-legged varmints” who prey on young girls. Like people in the “big city” don’t know about. He originator of the course says he started it because girls seem to be more intimidated by guns than were boys. He’s hoping “Moms Against Guns” (or something like that) have a sh-t fit about it, so his course will get even more publicity. They probably will, as soon as they hear about it. Politicians in most areas are motivated by an “irrational FEAR” of guns. They think that if people get used to having guns around, they’ll start shooting everything up. (The Truth About Guns)

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